Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Flower Power

Well I've embarked on yet another project!  In the April/May edition of Quilters Newsletter there is a quilt called Flower Power by Jane Zillmer.  They are doing it as 7 part project...I just couldn't resist!  It will be the most intense applique project that I've probably ever done.  Jane Zillmer had machine appliqued hers but I've decided to hand applique mine.  It is taking me quite some time to do each block, probably about 3-4 days per block.  There are 13 blocks in total and the border has a least a gazillion leaves and vines to applique.  I'm hoping to keep on top of the blocks as they come.  Because I started late I'm hoping to have the 1st 5 blocks done before the August edition comes out??  We will see :)

Block One

Block Two

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