Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Kaylee's qult.....

In March I was asked by my son's teacher if I could help with a class quilt.  He told me that a little girl in their class was having to have brain surgery to remove 2 tumors....eek...
Of course I was on board to do such an awesome project for such a sweet little girl.  So I had 2 weeks to make it, yikes!  I took muslin squares to the classroom and the kids all drew their names and bright designs on their fabric and the teachers each did on as well.  Kaylee the soon to be owner of the special quilt even did her own block.  The class all knew what the blocks were for and did such a great job at keeping the secret about the quilt.  Kaylee was just told that I wanted the blocks to remember all the kids :)
Mr. McNamara thought that she should really have this quilt so she could be wrapped in love from all the kids in her class, so awesome!
Well she absolutely loved it and it was given to her at a party they had for about a week before her surgery.  She has since had the surgery and I saw her last week and she appears to being doing good and was full of smiles with all her friends at school.  She is not back in the class yet but had stopped by to have lunch with all her friends.
I hope the quilt has brought her lots of happy thoughts :)
The finished quilt

Working on it on my machine

The class, so proud of the quilt!

Kaylee wrapped in love :)