About Me

My name is Meredyth and I'm a quilting addict.  My addiction began in the rainy climate of Vancouver, BC back in about 1995.  I got married and moved to Southern California in 2001 and it took me a few years to get my green card.  Which I will tell you, is not really green at all!  Anyways, in that time I stayed at home and quilted.  By the time I could work I had a pile of quilty things to sell.  So I started my Crazy For Quilts business and started making custom quilts for people.  From there I ended up buying a sit down longarm machine called a HQ16, made by Handi Quilter.  Well a year later they phoned me out of the blue and asked if I would like to be a National Educator for them.  I just about dropped the phone!!  Thus began my career as a longarm quilting instructor.  I worked for them from February 2008 till July 2011.  Long since gone is the sit-down HQ16 and I now own the biggest HQ machine called the Fusion.  It has a 24" throat and I even have the ProStitcher ( the computer that allows the machine to quilt by itself).  The only reason I quit is because we moved back up to Canada, to Edmonton Alberta.  I LOVED my job...as a quilting addict how could I not.  I got to travel all over the country teach in great shops, and work at fabulous quilt shows.  I've met the most amazing people all over the country. 
I now plan on staying at home, for now anyways, and maybe getting some of my quilting done and get some pieces into competition.  I might even take in the odd customer quilt once in awhile.  Plus I'm thinking I will teach some classes, either in my home or possibly in some local shops.

Well that's it...me in a nut shell.