Tuesday, 26 November 2013

September treat for my Mom

One of the projects that I did this fall was for my mom in September.  She had pieced this table topper and asked me to quilt it for her.  So I was excited to be able to do some fun stuff on it for her.  I went crazy with the quilting and she was so happy with it.  I spent about 20 hours on this little project.

Snowman A-Zzzzz stitched quilt

Well here it is November!  sheesh....
I've been VERY busy these past 2 months finishing a great many projects.  Which has been awesome!
But unfortunately my other passion, knitting, has also taken over my time this past month or so.  As soon as the weather turns cold I have a huge desire to knit.  So I've been knitting slippers, socks, baby hats, scarves...you name it.  I can't post any right now because quite a few are gifts so I will put them up when I can.
I can post this quilt however.....it's for ME!  And it is hanging on the wall in my living room, very exciting for me.  I had a stitched Halloween quilt on the wall for that season and now a Christmas quilt what is my world coming to??  I'm so happy to be able to finish up some of these projects that I've had on the go for so very long.
Anyways, here are some photos of my
Snowman A to Zzzzzz quilt.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Flower Power blocks

Well here we are in May and the last time I posted any Flower Power blocks was January!  I'm motoring right along, tee hee....
So these are blocks 11 and 12 only 1 more to go and then lots more fun to come. 

I'm about to get the binding on my stitched Halloween quilt and it's off to the Calgary Heritage Park quilt show.  Excited to get it done, I was nervous about quilting the stitched blocks but I'm very happy with how it turned out.
Last October I posted photos of the customer quilt that I custom quilted.  I was very happy to find out that it won Best of Quilting in Show in a Las Vegas quilt show!  She also won 1st place for it....it is such a beautiful.


Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Kaylee's qult.....

In March I was asked by my son's teacher if I could help with a class quilt.  He told me that a little girl in their class was having to have brain surgery to remove 2 tumors....eek...
Of course I was on board to do such an awesome project for such a sweet little girl.  So I had 2 weeks to make it, yikes!  I took muslin squares to the classroom and the kids all drew their names and bright designs on their fabric and the teachers each did on as well.  Kaylee the soon to be owner of the special quilt even did her own block.  The class all knew what the blocks were for and did such a great job at keeping the secret about the quilt.  Kaylee was just told that I wanted the blocks to remember all the kids :)
Mr. McNamara thought that she should really have this quilt so she could be wrapped in love from all the kids in her class, so awesome!
Well she absolutely loved it and it was given to her at a party they had for about a week before her surgery.  She has since had the surgery and I saw her last week and she appears to being doing good and was full of smiles with all her friends at school.  She is not back in the class yet but had stopped by to have lunch with all her friends.
I hope the quilt has brought her lots of happy thoughts :)
The finished quilt

Working on it on my machine

The class, so proud of the quilt!

Kaylee wrapped in love :)

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Baby quilts for twins

So I was given a great opportunity to make the cutest baby quilts ever!  A good friend of my sister's had twins last November and my sister asked if I would make them quilts.  The babies were a little boy and a little girl, what fun I had coming up with these quilts.  It's been sooooo long since I got to make a cute little girl quilt and I just love how it turned out.  Of course I love the boy quilt as well but there is just something about a little girl quilt.....

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Where does all the time go??

Well here it is the beginning of February...WOW!  So far this year has been action packed.  I've been tinkering away at quilting and sewing.  I haven't worked on Flower Power for awhile now and am starting to feel "behind".  This is just because of the deadlines I had given myself when I started this project.  Oh well, it's early in the year I WILL get back on track.
We were away in January in Cancun and had a great trip.  Always nice to get away from the cold and snow and get a tan and soak up some sunshine.
After getting back from Mexico I made some big changes to my diet and my life.  I've removed Gluten, Dairy and Eggs from my diet, yes, it does sound extreme.  Surprisingly it's going smoothly...it is truly amazing how your world opens up to new and different ideas and products.  This will be about a 2 month exclusion and then I will re-introduce dairy and eggs and see how that goes.  I REALLY miss dairy...cheeeeeese please!  Gluten I may never bring back into my life.  The other big change is I am finally going to train for a little Triathalon.  So I'm swiming twice a week at 6a.m. and running 3 times a week.  Both of which have not been a part of my life in a VERY long time.  Baby steps...this morning I swam about 50 laps (not continuous) but still I survived.  My arms will be quite sore tomorrow, but I'm feeling great.  Very excited about this new adventure!!
I decided for some reason that I needed to make myself some new pot holders and oven mitts??  So I wasted about a day making these

So time consuming making these little buggers...but after they were all done I am super happy with them.  I LOVE the fabric, I wish I would have bought tons of it when it was around.  They are so pretty I don't want them to get dirty.  But I've already thrown away my gungy pot holders so I guess I will have to use them.
Well that's it for now...off to finish some more odds and ends.  I cleaned my room the other day and boy do I have odds and ends to finish :)
Happy Quilting!

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Flower Power

Well here we are.....2013...Happy New Year everyone!
Another year of trying to catch up on years of UFO's.  Hopeing to get some projects done and entered into shows.
I have started off the year by finishing off 2 more blocks for the Flower Power quilt that I'm working on. 
So this takes me down to 3 more blocks to go...