Thursday, 7 February 2013

Where does all the time go??

Well here it is the beginning of February...WOW!  So far this year has been action packed.  I've been tinkering away at quilting and sewing.  I haven't worked on Flower Power for awhile now and am starting to feel "behind".  This is just because of the deadlines I had given myself when I started this project.  Oh well, it's early in the year I WILL get back on track.
We were away in January in Cancun and had a great trip.  Always nice to get away from the cold and snow and get a tan and soak up some sunshine.
After getting back from Mexico I made some big changes to my diet and my life.  I've removed Gluten, Dairy and Eggs from my diet, yes, it does sound extreme.  Surprisingly it's going is truly amazing how your world opens up to new and different ideas and products.  This will be about a 2 month exclusion and then I will re-introduce dairy and eggs and see how that goes.  I REALLY miss dairy...cheeeeeese please!  Gluten I may never bring back into my life.  The other big change is I am finally going to train for a little Triathalon.  So I'm swiming twice a week at 6a.m. and running 3 times a week.  Both of which have not been a part of my life in a VERY long time.  Baby steps...this morning I swam about 50 laps (not continuous) but still I survived.  My arms will be quite sore tomorrow, but I'm feeling great.  Very excited about this new adventure!!
I decided for some reason that I needed to make myself some new pot holders and oven mitts??  So I wasted about a day making these

So time consuming making these little buggers...but after they were all done I am super happy with them.  I LOVE the fabric, I wish I would have bought tons of it when it was around.  They are so pretty I don't want them to get dirty.  But I've already thrown away my gungy pot holders so I guess I will have to use them.
Well that's it for to finish some more odds and ends.  I cleaned my room the other day and boy do I have odds and ends to finish :)
Happy Quilting!

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