Tuesday, 4 September 2012

My Cheater Apple Core

Quite some time ago (like probably 3 years) I bought 2 different Quiltsmart packages.  One was the Apple Core quilt and one is the Double wedding ring.  Well I decided last week that I would finally do the Apple Core.  A traditional apple core quilt is hand pieced, so that is why I called this a cheater apple core.  It may be a cheater but it was still a little time consuming!

So the product is a printed, fusible interfacing.  So you cut apart all the pieces (110), cut a cross in each piece,  then pin the apple core to the right side of your fabric piece.  Sew around the solid line then cut along the dotted line.  Then flip them all inside out, I would do this while watching t.v.

Then you have to peice the background which will create all the alternate apple cores when these get ironed onto it (I know it sounds confusing, but watch it works)

Laying out the apple core pieces onto the background.
Slowly ironing all the apple cores in place.  I seriously got "iron" elbow doing this!  Probably took me about an hour to get them all on.
Ta-Dah!  I wasn't sure I was going to like it when it was done, but I think it grew on me.  Now to get it quilted......


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